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Mid-Century Design & Today’s Technology

The Modeller system is inspired by mid-century modern designers It is an updated tribute to these classic designs, using the latest hardware and technology to make a system that better fits today’s needs with more versatility, features, and options while maintaining handmade heirloom quality locally and sustainably produced.

The Modeller shelf system inspired by mid-century modern designs: Cado Royal System and Vitsoe 606 Universal shelving. New hardware handmade sustainably

You change.. Your furniture should, too.


You need flexibility—modeller changes with you.

All of our system components are interchangeable, allowing you to modify your setup to suit your evolving needs and ensure a lifetime of use.

How Components Work
Modular Cabinet Components

Grow your space. without moving!


Need more space? A wall-mounted system uses space you don’t.

Everyone can use more square footage; Wall space is often underused, and the modeller system is wall-mounted to maximize storage without using any floor space. 

Installation Instructions
Modeller Customer Photo | Craft Vancouver Office | Vancouver BC

Good Design Lasts!

Mid-Century Modern

The best designs are timeless Following all of Deiter Rams’ ten rules of good design the modeller system is designed in the Bauhaus tradition of form follows function

Our Design Principals
Mid-Century Modern Royal Shelving System

Buy it once, keep it forever!


Each order is individually crafted by hand in our East Vancouver studio. We only begin production once an order is placed, allowing us to offer unique configurations and custom finishes.

Handmade Craftsmanship

Get Better while doing good.


Designed in Vancouver, Modeller Furniture is made here with domestic hardwoods and premium veneer core panels from FSC-certified suppliers. Free from any MDFor VOC’s.