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Shelves, Cabinets & Tables

Inspired by mid-century modern designers like Poul Cadovius's Royal System and the Vitsoe 606 Universal shelving, the Modeller system is an updated tribute to these classic designs. Using the latest hardware and technology to make a system that better fits today's needs with more versatility, features & options while still maintaining handmade heirloom quality

Modeller Shelf Category

MidCentury Modern Wall Shelves


Shelves and rails are the foundation of the modeller system. We offer three rail spacing options: 24", 30" & 32". Our shelves come in six depth options: 10", 12" (12.5" for vinyl LP records), 16" & 18". All are available in two domestic hardwood options: American Black Walnut & White Oak.

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Modeller Cabinets Category

Modular Wall Cabinets


Our cabinets are 16" deep and 17” or 24” high and are available for our three rail spacing width options: 24", 30" & 32" (other custom options available). Each has the option of holding a 10" or 14" inside shelf. Each cabinet comes with a pair of rail mounting brackets. All our cabinets are interchangeable, so that you can swap in any of our door or drawer options.

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Modeller Tables Category

Elegantly Simple Desks


The Desk Shelf and Desk Drawer are 16" deep and come in three rail spacing options: 24", 30" or 32". The Desk Shelf riser is 10"deep and 7" high and can be hung in two orientations, one as a screen riser and keyboard garage or alternately like a primary school desk to maximize surface area with more discreet storage; all are available in two domestic hardwood wood options: American Black Walnut or White Oak.

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