modeller | About us

The modeller system inspired by mid-century modern designers like Poul Cadovius's Royal System and the Vitsoe 606 Universal shelving, the Modeller system is an updated tribute to these classic designs. Using the latest hardware and technology to make a system that better fits today's needs with more versatility, features & options while maintaining handmade heirloom quality with a free professional design service to help configure your system. 

Design Principals

  1. Modular Versatility
    | Rearrange and Grow with You

    All of our components are interchangeable, allowing you to modify your setup to suit your evolving needs and ensure a lifetime of use.

    | Elegantly Minimalist

    Following all of Deiter Rams' ten rules of good design. The modeller system is designed in the Bauhaus tradition of form follows function.

    | Handmade to Last Generations

    Our products are crafted by hand in our East Vancouver studio. We take time assembling each order individually to ensure the highest quality. We only begin production once an order is placed, allowing us to be more flexible and sustainable.

    | Efficiently Space Saving

    Floor space is at a premium here in Vancouver, so we developed the modeller system to maximize storage while preserving precious floor space.

    | Natural Domestic Materials

    Modeller furniture is made with domestic hardwoods and premium hardwood veneer core panels from FSC-certified suppliers. Free from any MDF of VOC, so no sagging or blistering like inferior overseas mass-produced particle board furniture.


  1. | Domestic Hardwoods

    We use domestic hardwood from FSC-certified suppliers. We don’t use any MDF or particle board, so our components are lighter, stronger, and longer-lasting than other shelf systems. Exotic hardwoods like teak are beautiful and wonderful to work with; however, finding ethically sourced lumber is problematic. Our woods of choice are American Black Walnut and White Oak. 

    White Oak SampleBlack Walnut Wood Sample
  2. | Metal Hardware

    We handcraft all of our shelf supports, cabinet supports, bookends, and hooks using solid brass or 6061 aircraft aluminum quarter-inch rods.

  3. | Hinges & Drawers Slides

    All our hardware is sourced from the best European manufacturers to ensure life-long functionality for generations. Our drawer slides and hinges are Blum soft close and touch-to-open with Italiana hinges and stays for our cabinets.

  4. | Wood Finish

    Our modeller shelf systems are not just about aesthetics but also functionality and durability. That's why we finish them with a blend of polymerized linseed oil and beeswax. This natural oil finish not only provides excellent protection but also ensures a long-lasting, durable finish with a low-gloss sheen, enhancing the beauty of the wood and maintaining its quality over time. 

Our Story

  1. | Early years

    Growing up a child of European immigrants, I was surrounded by Scandinavian-designed teak furniture. Like many of my generation, I collected mid-century modern furniture, but it was hard to find and afford, so I started making my own.

  2. | First shelves

    In 1992, while working in a North Vancouver wood shop, I made my first set of shelves. The shelves were moved and reconfigured for each place I lived. Interest was always expressed in making more, but making more was only an option with access to a woodshop.

    When I finally accumulated enough tools and a place to use them for fine cabinet making, I made an Edo-inspired dining table, one of my most requested pieces.

  3. | The Modeller system

    I made some shelves and desks for my two young boys using the leftover wood from that table. The shelves had to grow with them, be strong enough to withstand them and be efficient enough to fit in their small room. From this evolved the shelving systems that became modeller.