Getting Started

How it works

The Modeller system comprises modular cabinet configurations and versatile shelf components supported by our universal rail system with a free professional design help service.

Interchangeable Components

Three widths (24″, 30″ 32″), five depths (10″, 12″, 12.5″, 16″ & 18″) and two wood options( black walnut or White Oak), over a hundred interchangeable components, the variations are limitless.

shelf depth variations
rail width variations

Universal Rails

Our universal rail system supports everything; solid wood wall-mounted rails with 32mm indexed mounting points. Everything attaches to rails with our unique one-piece, continuous brackets rods. Rails are available in lengths from 24” to 78”. All are available in two domestic hardwood options: American Black Walnut & White Oak. Custom lengths are also available. Just ask for a quote. GRK Finish Trim mounting screws are included.

modeller shelf brackets

Modular Cabinets

Our modular cabinets are 16" deep and 17” or 25” high with three widths options: 24", 30" & 32" (other custom options available). Each can hold a 10" or 14" inside shelf. All are available in two domestic hardwood options: American Black Walnut or White Oak. Each cabinet comes with a pair of rail mounting brackets. All our cabinets are interchangeable, so you can swap various door or drawer options.

modular cabinet variations

Design Help

Need Design Help?

Our design service can help you decide on your setup. Not sure what would work best in your space? Tell us about your space and what you want to achieve, and we will design a layout with a quote.

Do it Yourself

Paper Planner

If you already know what you need simply selected the components.