How to Start

Free Modeller Planning Service

We will plan your modular shelving system with you. Prepare a drawing and a quote for your approval


Measure & photograph your space.


Tell us how you want to use your system


We will design & plan it for you


Then deliver directly to your door

Tell us about your space.

Submit your inquiry here, and we will plan a system for you and send you a layout with a quote like this. You can also speak to us via phone or email.
“…but I do not want to buy now.”  
We understand. By contacting us, you are not committing to anything (our planning service is free). You can order now, later or never. It’s up to you.

Step 1


Wall size

Please give us your full wall-width and floor-to-ceiling height, even if you only want to use part of it.


Upload images

Any photograph, sketch or drawing will help, even if it is a scribble on the back of a napkin.

Step 2


Tell us about your system

What do you have in mind?

Where would you like your system to go?

What would you like to use your system for?


What materials would you like to use for your system?


You can see all the options available Here

Other Information:

Step 3

Tell us about yourself

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