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The Modeller Shop is the place where you can order any of our components, accessories, or bundles. You can also try our free professional Design Service to help configure your system.

Cabinet Bundle #entertainment #media

Product | Bundles

Bundles are preconfigured collections of components showcasing the versatility of the Modeller modular system, providing a starting point to inspire designing one’s own setup.

  • Library | Atwood

    Our Atwood bookshelf set is an excellent start to your library or a cozy reading nook.

    From $871
  • Ondaaje | Shelf Bundle #Library

    Library | Ondaatje

    Our Ondaatje bookshelf is an excellent middle-sized for a growing personal library.

    From $1398
  • Richler | Shelf 24" Walnut

    Library | Richler

    Our Richler bookshelf is a comprehensive set with a small desk area

    From $ 2302
  • Gordon | Cabinet 32" Oak

    Media Centre | Gordon

    Our Gordon Cabinet Bundle is our small home entertainment centre

    From $2215
  • Gerussi | Cabinet Bundle #entertainment #TV

    Media Centre | Gerussi

    Our Gerussi Cabinet Bundle is our midsize home entertainment centre.

    From $5457
  • Gould | Cabinet Bundle #entertainment #media

    Media Centre | Gould

    The Gould Cabinet Bundle is a comprehensive home media center wall unit.

    From $7886
  • Arbutus | Desk Bundle #office

    Office | Arbutus

    Our Arbutus Office bundle is perfect for small spaces where work needs to get done. This elegant corner office is flexible enough for sitting or standing with plenty of storage to hide your work after!

    From $3902
  • Cambie | Desk Bundle #office

    Office | Cambie

    Our Cambie Office bundle is a home office that saves space and looks beautiful. This elegant home office is flexible enough for sitting or standing with plenty of storage to hide your work after!

    From $6521.53
  • Granville | Desk Bundle #Office

    Office | Granville

    Our Granville Office bundle is a full-size home office that saves space and looks beautiful. This elegant home office is flexible enough for sitting or standing with plenty of storage to hide your work after!

    From $8215

Product | Accessories

Our line of product accessories is designed to match and complement the modeller’s components and bundles. They are made with the same material and quality as all our products.

  • Vinyl LP Record Box | Hardy

    For the audio file that has more vinyl than can reasonably be displayed. We designed our record box to safely store and move your Vinyl LP Record collection. Like the classic milk crate, flip through large collections easily but made from walnut or oak to beautifully fit into your living room.

  • Hook Solid Brass 2.5" x 2.5"


    This handy hook was initially designed for headphones but is equally good for your jacket or brolly.

  • Bookend Solid Brass 4" x 8.5"


    Our popular bookends are designed to match shelf supports. They are handmade in solid brass or 6061 aircraft aluminium quarter-inch rod.

  • Modular Furniture Components | Tables | Chinook Nesting Table

    Nesting Tables | Chinook

    The nesting Chinook tables are a pair of modern interpretations of the 1970s TV trays. They are great for holding drinks or the remote but are also designed to work as a flat surface on a soft sofa or bed.

  • Modular Furniture Components | Tables | Finn Side Table

    Side Table | Finn

    This floating side table is designed to be wall-mounted perfect for side tables for bedroom. It has two fins for your phone or book and a narrow vertical slot to hold magazines, a tablet or a laptop. It also looks like an “F” so we named it after my son Finn!

  • Solid Walnut Wood Brettchen 5.75" x 8.5"

    Wood Cutting Boards | Brettchen

    Brettchen wood cutting board. A set of four ideal for cutting a sandwich or some cheese and then for serving it on as plate.

  • Solid Walnut Wood Coasters 4" x 4"


    Set of 4 Wood Coasters

    I’ve been making these coasters for years as calling cards, but some have been asking for more, and now they are available.


Product | Components

Modeller furniture components form the essential building blocks of all our furniture, ensuring quality and consistency in every design.

Designed and made in East Vancouver, the modular components come in three standard widths (24″, 30″, 32″), five depths (10″, 12″, 12.5″, 16″, 18″, and 24″), and two wood options: black walnut or white oak. With over a hundred interchangeable components, the variations are limitless. Custom options are also available. Just let us know what you have in

  • Rail

    Our universal rails are the foundations that support all our shelves, cabinets, and accessories.

    Modular Furniture Components | Rails | Width Spacing Options
  • Shelf

    Shelves are the basic building block of the modeller system. Our midcentury, modern-inspired wall shelves are supported by bent rods that pass through the shelf and return to the rail, making them stronger and safer than vintage shelves.

    Modular Furniture Components | Shelves | Depth Options
  • Cabinet

    Our cabinets have elegant mitred corners concealing any seams and connectors. are 16″ deep and 17” or 25” high and are available in our three standard width options: 24″, 30″ & 32″. Other custom options are available. Each can hold a 10″ or 15″ inside shelf. All our cabinets are interchangeable, so you can swap…

    Cabinet 32 x 16 x 17 + Drawers Two 7.5 Oak
  • Cabinet Desk

    The Cabinet desk is supported on one end with a cabinet and a pair of adjustable feet. The cabinet has one movable and one fixed shelf with door or drawer options. It also comes in three widths (24″, 30″ & 32″)

    Modular Furniture Components | Desks | Cabinet Desk
  • Drawer Desk

    The Desk Drawer can be mounted on our standard rails or with concealed supports for the floating option. It is 16″ deep and comes in three widths: 24″, 30″, or 32″.

    Modular Furniture Components | Desks | Desk Drawer
  • Shelf Desk

    When a shelf is just not enough, and a full desk is too much. The shelf desk or floating drawer can fill the gap.

    Modular Furniture Components | Desks | Desk Shelf
  • Waterfall Desk

    This elegant desk, with continuous grain running over the edge, is available in three widths (24″, 30″, and 32″).

    Modular Furniture Components | Desks | Waterfall Desk